Maika House

MAIKA HOUSE is all my happiest memories, it is my childhood and the privilege of being born in the sun.
It is the result of my family's work and my indissoluble link with the sea, an element from which I cannot detach myself.
The high vaults of the rooms, the veranda where the freesias bloomed, my grandmother's brick kitchen and the hopes of that little girl from that time are today 'the safe haven' that I will leave as a gift to my daughters. A welcoming place full of positive energy that I like to share, a treasure chest of emotions that expresses beauty, authenticity and sincerity.

In my place of the heart I want people to feel safe, secure and carefree... and to leave regenerated by this charge of positivity.
This is what I most often read in reviews and, therefore, I think:

Although there is a lot of work to be done,
we are on the right path.
We must continue to take care of the details
so that everyone takes away unforgettable memories
and at the same time leave a little piece of heart at home...

The idea of hospitality


Michela and Vittorio

When we decided to leave our house and move a short distance away for work reasons, Vittorio and I immediately decided that MAIKA's house should have a new life: made up of new and interesting stories and why not?
Of adventurous experiences....
Our idea of hospitality is to work together on the project, to merge, split and overlap continuously to ensure constant care and attention to those who come to visit us.

The Team

Our team works every day to make our project a success: 
the formula is made up of smiles, attention, curiosity and love for our area..
Everyone's commitment is rewarded by the wonder in the eyes of those who enter the house for the first time and by the smiles of the guests
who meet us on departure and tell us they will be back again.

Maika House

Via San Sebastiano 26,
Atrani (SA), Italy
+39 338 5459 844

VAT: 06187410656

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